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The Talvar Plant RTS asphalt plant control system is based around a powerful industrial PLC interface, linked to an intelligent Operator Interface Terminal and features:
    Solid state technology throughout
    Super-bright touch screen display ensuring maximum readability in sunlight
    Clear keyboard design with eight multifunction soft keys, Digital indicating load cell amplifiers for each weigh scale
    Choice of display language
    Unlimited number of recipes
    Automatic mix control
    Password protected for secure access control
    Animated plant mimic for live status
    End of day totals for production and recipe ingredients
    Recipe/Job scheduling, Automatic in-flight correction for accuracy
    Two stage bitumen weighing for precise bitumen control
    Network port for remote viewing/operation, USB download port
Alternative systems for multiple silo load-out, weighing and truck ticketing are also available.


As one of the main control room of asphalt and asphalt products considered and a set of tools for accurate control of the power control equipment in two separate cells (electric power steering) is. Control room by using technology and harness multiple input and output units, control of manufacturing processes creates. Electronic weighing system used is equipped with a digital display for weighing, adjustable weight is capable of. In addition to reports from the materials, bitumen and filler used in various time periods, such as batch, hour, day, week, month, year, and that the connection to the printer is printing. Digital display operation in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic adjustment is in automatic mode, the operator of asphalt, just monitoring the performance of audio-visual production line
Meanwhile, the control room of a double Shelter with EPS insulation and coated sheets of MDF and windows and the interior of the door is made of aluminum.

A. Sheltermade of special sheets equipped with window, door & lighting fixtures
B. Equipped with computer/monitor
C. The main control panel to launch all electro motors
D. Control panel and consoleto control all operations automatically, semi-automaticallyand manual with connecting to weight or temperature control system or something like that which include warning and alarm signs

Asphalt Plant Control Room

Asphalt Plant Control Room